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You don’t have to take our word for it…

We are happy to have helped so many young people and appreciate your comments and kind words about our products. It is most gratifying to hear from parents, adult helpers, children and teens, who have discovered the difference our Tool Kits for Kids™ products can make in teaching important skills.

Take a moment to read the testimonials from many who have used Tool Kits for Kids. Please feel free to share your experiences in the box below, as we are always interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions.

We value your comments and would like to know what you think about Tool Kits for Kids™.

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Earlier this month, The National Parenting Center awarded its highly coveted Seal of Approval...
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National Parenting Publications Awards' judges gave Tool Kits for Kids the 2009 Parenting Resources Silver Honors...
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“It’s fabaroo!”
LS – Australia

“I love the product… seeing outstanding results.”
PK- Cincinnati, OH

“An easy, affordable way to work with our children on conquering their anxieties in fun ways.”
JB – Washington, DC

“Thanks for your kind friendly service, seldom do we get looked after so well!”
LH – Australia

“It’s really amazing how well these little kits do work with kids.”
SM – Louisville, KY

“Finally, I know what to say to help my child stop worrying.”
JB – Los Angeles, CA

“It’s amazing what’s in that little kit!”
TS – Houston, TX

“It’s great to see how confident my twelve year-old has become.”
HK – Cincinnati, OH

“The parent-child aspect is terrific!”
CR – Portland, OR

“The format was really friendly, not a big stodgy book or too cumbersome.”
CB – Chicago, IL

“I take my Tool Kit to sleepovers and I’m fine.”
JR – Rochester, NY

“Worry used to be in the front of my brain and now it’s hardly there at all.”
LR – Kansas City, KS

“My friends love my Tool Kit. They want one too!”
AH – Ridgefield, Ct

“I have five favorite tools that I use every day!”
GS – Ellicott City, MD

“My mom and my aunt keep using my Tool Kit. I want it back.”
MP – Queens, NY

“My Tool Kit helped me to feel good about myself.”
JF – Atlanta, GA

“I really liked learning the tools with my Dad.”
BN – Tallahassee, FL