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The new, fun and easy way to learn emotional life skills

Tool Kits for Kids™ products are the first of their kind to target a specific childhood concern – building kids’ self-esteem, reducing worry, and building resilience. Each Tool Kit has 20 step-by-step strategies in an appealing case.

Each kit addresses the unique characteristics and needs of your child’s age group. Choose between Elementary or High School/Middle School skill sets:

  • Elementary School kits provide skills for children 5-11 and include an important adult child interactive component with parent child activities. Kits can be used by parents or other adult helpers.
  • High School and Middle School kits provide skills for teens 11-18 and can be used independently by the young person or with an adult.

Tool Kits for Kids™ has adapted the best cognitive and behavioral techniques available today into effective tools and activities for children and teens. All tools and instructions are presented on circular cards in a clear and concise manner, with easy to read bullet points and colorful graphics.

Fast, easy and fun – each card presents a tool. Each tool teaches a specific thinking or behavior skill on the front of every card. On the back of every card you will find Parent and Other Helper instructions in the Elementary School Editions, or a rationale of why the tool works in the High School/Middle School Editions.

The Tool Kits will help you and the child become experts in reducing worry, boosting confidence and building resilience. The information and techniques are powerful, yet simple to learn and use. Best of all, they lead to happier kids.