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The creators of Tool Kits for Kids®, Drs. Joel Haber, Suzanne Reiffel and Erica Ross led an interactive workshop for parents at the Edgemont, New York Junior-Senior High School on November 16, 2011. The presentation was sponsored by the PTA/PTSA Partnership for Learning Differences, and focused on how parents can help their children learn thinking and behavior skills to outsmart worry, strengthen confidence and build resilience.
Dr. Joel Haber was an invited attendee at the 2nd annual Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention summit, September 21 and 22, 2011. This conference brought President Obama’s administration leaders in the Department of Education and eight other Federal agencies together with leading bullying experts from research, clinical practice and the business community together for a review of last year’s work, a discussion of current efforts and planning for the future. In addition, families and media involved with significant bullying incidents and its documentation were highlighted.
Dr. Erica Saxe Ross has been honored by the Westchester County Psychological Association, and received the Distinguished Service Award on May 6, 2011.
Dr. Joel Haber discusses bullying in schools on New York’s WCBS News.(click here to view) Dr. Haber is one of the creators of Tool Kits for Kids® and author of the widely acclaimed bullying book: BULLYPROOF YOUR CHILD FOR LIFE.


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September 17th, 2010

I Can’t Do That! Confidence Skills Help Children and Teens

What if your child often remarks that he or she is no good at something? Maybe the child says, I can’t swim, I can’t do math, I can’t catch the ball, I can’t draw, I can’t talk to a kid I don’t know, or I can’t give a presentation at school.

Your child may have his or her own list of I cant’s and may frequently say, I can’t do that! Children who give up too easily lose out. They may stop trying, which prevents them from learning. This type of thinking and behavior lowers kids’ self-esteem and sets up a pattern of giving up just because a child doesn’t immediately excel or like something.

There is a new way for kids to stop saying, I can’t do that! The Charge Up Your Confidence Tool Kit for Kids™ changes I can’t thoughts into I can try thoughts by showing children how easy and effective it is to build confidence. The 20 powerful child confidence skills in our Tool Kit teaches children in grades K-12 empowering thoughts and behaviors to conquer self-esteem setbacks. For example, kids learn to accurately identify their strengths and proud moments, yet at the same time set positive, new goals and understand the value of their own effort. Other confidence activities include learning from mistakes, facing criticism from others, stopping self-criticism from inhibiting performance, and feeling comfortable with their own opinions even those different from others. The self-esteem activities children learn in our Charge Up Your Confidence® Tool Kit help them move forward and keep trying.

Childhood and adolescence is a time of discovering, exploring, figuring out strengths, and not being afraid of improving skills. Confidence makes this happen.