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Tool Kits for Kids™

Tools to help young people:

  • Deal with trauma and big problems
  • Manage feelings of fear, anger and loss
  • Find smart and strong ways to get through difficult times.

Price: $39.95

Get the Build Up Your Resilience Tool Kit at AMAZON.COM today!

Elementary School Edition (ages 5-11)

High/Middle School Edition (ages 11-18)

This Tool Kit includes 20 powerful tools that are easy to learn and remember. Each tool is on a glossy round card, bordered with colorful scenes of nature. A supportive interactive experience between children and parents or adult helpers, the Elementary School Edition includes adult instructions on the reverse side of each card. The High/Middle School Edition includes an easy to understand explanation for young people on why the tool works. The set of 20 tools comes in a brightly colored, zippered carrying case.

Resilience is what children need after a problem. This tool kit is designed for children and teens who are faced with traumatic events such as natural disasters, accidents, illness, death, terrorism, financial problems, violence, divorce, or other family conflicts. These difficult situations are easier to manage when children feel resilient.

Resilience can be learned. Resilient kids bounce back from big problems, and know that in time they will be OK. Think of the Build Up Your Resilience Tool Kit for KidsTM as emotional first aid to help young people learn effective ways to deal with big problems and traumatic events.