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October 28th, 2010

Halloween Fears in Kids

Halloween is an exciting time for many kids. Costumes, parades, pumpkins, parties, candy…. What’s not to like?

For some children though, Halloween can be a nightmare. Creepy monsters, scary noises, spooky masks, unpredictable happenings, and horror stories may be a frightening overload for kids. This bombardment of terrifying images can set off all kinds of fears in children. They may be more afraid of the dark, have trouble going to sleep, worry about burglars or serial killers, or be afraid of aliens, monsters, or dead people.

Parents play a vital role in soothing and reassuring children when they are scared. If your understanding and explanations are not enough to quiet your youngster’s Halloween fears, there is another way you can help.

The Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids® is the first line of defense against fears that go haywire. The Tool Kit, developed by experts, has received national awards of excellence, because it is packed with anti-anxiety activities that are effective and work quickly. Children learn to use powerful language, strong thoughts, and empowering imagery – all to block anxiety from taking hold. Use the 20 powerful strategies in the Outsmart Your Worry™ Tool Kit to stop Halloween fears from becoming everyday fears.

October 21st, 2010

My Neighbor’s House Was Robbed

Children hear lots of information these days and they hear it quickly. If a house was robbed in the neighborhood, the news travels like wildfire. In fact, one out of five families will be victims of crime. Statistics on burglaries indicate that a robbery occurs every 60 seconds. If you know about a burglary in your area, it is likely that your child will hear about it too.

It is understandable to be frightened after hearing about a robbery near one’s home. For some children and teens, finding out about a robbery close to home can trigger all kinds of worries about safety. They might not be able to shake their fears and anxieties can escalate.

Reassuring a child that your family makes smart choices, such as having secure locks and an alarm, may not be enough to quell the fears of a worried child. The child may still have repeated negative thoughts and images of harm. Oftentimes, these worries intensify at nighttime.

If you have a youngster whose worries about safety are getting out of control, it would be a good time to practice anti-anxiety activities. Tool Kits for Kids® has developed a comprehensive emotional “first aid kit” to help kids in grades K-12 manage frightened feelings. The winner of several national parenting awards, the Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids® is effective, powerful, and appealing to a worried child. Anxious kids worry about situations that rarely occur and believe that danger is lurking because it happened to someone else. The Tool Kit quickly corrects these perceptions and shows them how to think in accurate and empowering ways.

Sometimes bad things happen too close to home. We want our children to be prepared emotionally to deal with these tough, complex issues, and to still be positive and hopeful. The Outsmart Your Worry™ Tool Kit gives them the emotional tools to cope with the fear.

October 21st, 2010


Build Up Your Resilience™ Wins two prestigious parenting awards in 2010. The Build Up Your Resilience™ Tool Kit is our third title in our series of products developed to be a first line of defense against critical emotional issues facing children today. Tool Kits for Kids® is proud to announce that it is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient and a winner of the prestigious iParenting Media Award for the Build Up Your Resilience Tool Kit for Kids™ (Elementary School Edition). The Charge Up Your Confidence® and Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids® were also honored with distinguished parenting awards in 2009.

October 14th, 2010

Miner’s Dramatic Rescue: Watching Heroism and Resilience in Action

The world has just witnessed an amazing feat – the rescue of 33 miners trapped in an underground mine for 69 days. This is a triumph for the miners, the rescuers, Chile, and all those who participated in this global collaborative effort.

Many young people have been gripped by this survival story too, watching the best parts of humanity in action. Kids may be wondering, How did the miners survive for so long when they were trapped? or What did the miners do to be positive and not go crazy? The world will have to wait to hear the answers to these questions.

There are 33 stories of resilience and survival, which will undoubtedly serve as models of hope and strength for many. Now, the biggest concern is to help the miners manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – the psychological and physical symptoms which can impact people after suffering any kind of trauma.

Today, there are some kids and teens who have their own survival stories. They may not be trapped in a mine, but they have suffered significant losses. They may have lost their home due to a flood or other natural disaster. They may have lost a loved one. They may feel as though they are losing their family due to an impending divorce. These children may be wondering how to get through their worst of times.

There is a new, powerful way to help children and teens deal with trauma and big problems by learning resilient coping strategies. The award winning Build Up Your Resilience Tool Kit for Kids™ helps kids manage intense feelings of sadness, fear, anger, and guilt, which often accompanies a traumatic situation. The Tool Kit, designed for ages 5-18, includes strategies to deal with frightening dreams and images, repetitive negative thoughts, and hopeless feelings. If your child is dealing with a crisis, help him or her avoid the difficult and often disabling symptoms of PTSD by using the Resilience Tool Kit.

October 8th, 2010

Blood Tests, Shots and Needles Scare Some Kids

Some kids and teens tremble at the very thought of a shot or blood test. They may become so anxious that they feel nauseous, cry, throw a fit, or even think they might pass out. Children who get worked up about shots often refuse to go to the doctor or beg their parents to postpone the appointment.

Parents and medical staff try all kinds of means to reassure and cajole the child. Trying to convince a child in the heat of the moment often does not work. Sometimes, a big scene is created, with lots of crying and screaming. This doesn’t help the child master his or her fears, nor does it prepare the child for the next time.

There is a new way to prepare your child to deal with the anxiety of needles in the doctor’s office. Your child can learn 20 powerful cognitive and behavioral tools in the Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids®. Our Worry Tool Kit is designed by experts and has received prestigious parenting awards because the anti-anxiety activities are effective, quick, and even fun for kids. Children learn to become experts in training their brain to cope with overwhelming fear. You will learn the right words to stop your child’s fears about shots from getting out of control.

Getting shots and blood tests is something all kids and teens have to face at times. Once children apply the worry-fighting techniques from our Tool Kit, anxiety in children diminishes and they will be better prepared to handle their fear. They won’t love getting shots or blood tests, but they will learn the tools to help them stick out an arm, take a deep breath, and take the shot.