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December 28th, 2009

Back to School Blues in January

Many people, including kids, find it hard to get back to their lives after the holidays. Children and teens in particular have enjoyed a much-needed break, spending time with family and friends, learning new games, watching movies, playing sports, staying up late, and relaxing. Then, in a flash, it’s back to reality.

Young people can make the transition back to school well. For some though, January can kick up doubts about friendships, worries about the increasing workload at school, fears at bedtime, or difficulties getting back into routines. These are only a few of the back to school blues you may notice in your child or adolescent after the New Year. If a child had a rough start at the beginning of the school year, you may see some of these issues return after the holidays.

Transitions are a tough but necessary part of childhood, and the ability to handle change is an important life skill. Learning how to manage worry and boost self-esteem are among the critical skills needed to handle transitions effectively.

Tool Kits for Kids is a company that helps kids learn these important emotional life skills in a lasting and meaningful way. Our Tool Kits are creatively designed with 20 emotional first aid strategies that help kids feel better quickly. Two of our Tool Kits may be particularly effective in quieting those January back to school blues. If your child or teen is worried, fearful, or anxious, the Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids® helps change worries into strong and accurate thoughts. If you notice a dip in your child or teen’s confidence, The Charge Up Your Confidence® tool kit shows how to handle mistakes, criticism, imperfection, and feelings of failure.

Designed for all kids in grades K-12, both Tool Kits are available in two editions; the Elementary School Edition for younger children age 5 to 11, and a High School/Middle School Edition for kids and teens age 11 to 18. The skills offered in these Tool Kits can help prepare them for January, February, and beyond.

December 21st, 2009

Military Children: Dreams at Christmas

While we may be dreaming of a white Christmas, children of the military have other dreams. Their dream is a tender one – to spend the holidays with their soldier dad or mom. In the U.S. today there are 1.2 million children who have a parent on active duty. And many of our bravest are not celebrating the holidays with their children.

This is yet another stressor for military children and teens, who have lots on their minds when a parent is deployed. In addition to the difficulty of being without their parent during the holidays, birthdays, soccer games, and chorus concerts, military children worry about their parent’s safety. This can create anxiety and fear, and sometimes lead to difficulties in school and at home. Military families need a plan to help their youngest members.

There is a set of skills to help children and teens stay steady and strong in the worst of times. These are resilience skills and they can be learned. Resilience is the ability to get through the toughest of situations, such as being without one’s parent for the holidays. The new Build Up Your Resilience™ Tool Kit for Kids™ is an innovative approach to teaching these much-needed skills for kids in grades K-12. The Tool Kit offers a wide range of strategies to help young people from 5 to 18 deal with loss, change, guilt, anger, and fear. Methods to stop frightening thoughts and bad dreams are also included.

Military families may also find the Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids® beneficial in helping anxious and nervous children take charge of their worry. For youngsters needing a boost in self-esteem, the Charge Up Your Confidence® Tool Kit is an ideal choice. All tool kits are offered in two editions, one for ages 5 to 11, and the second for ages 11 to 18. Each tool kit presents 20 powerful tools, using language and concepts that all chilren, including military children, would immediately understand.

December 15th, 2009

Tool Kits for Kids Introduces BUILD UP YOUR RESILIENCE™

Tool Kits for Kids LLC announces its newest Tool Kit – the Build Up Your Resilience™ Tool Kit for Kids™ to help children in grades K-12 rebound from the biggest of challenges. This NEW Tool Kit gives children and teens twenty powerful tools to help deal with trauma and big problems. Strategies to handle loss, anger, guilt sadness, and fear are included. This tool kit is designed for young people who are faced with traumatic events such as natural disasters, accidents, illness, death of a parent or other loved one, terrorism, financial problems, violence, divorce, or other family conflicts.

Trauma and big problems can happen to anyone at anytime. Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to crisis and tragedy, and kids need resilience skills to help them find smart and strong ways to get through difficult situations. The goal of the Build Up Your Resilience tool kit is to strengthen kids in times of crisis.

December 15th, 2009

The Build-Up Your Resilience Tool Kit for Kids™

Coming this winter, Tool Kits for Kids LLC will launch its newest Tool Kit that helps young people deal with trauma and big problems. Everyone experiences tough times in their lives. Kids can have tough times too, and The Build-up Your Resilience Tool Kit for Kids™ can help.

December 10th, 2009

Confidence Helps Kids with Learning Disabilities

Children and teens with learning disabilities are of average intelligence or higher, yet have difficulty with essential academic skills. It is reported that 2.9 million children in America are diagnosed with learning disabilities and receive special education services in public school alone. Only 50% of all students diagnosed receive special education services. Some of the services available are resource room instruction, academic remediation, and untimed testing.

These interventions are essential because youngsters with learning disabilities often have deficits in reading, math, writing, listening or speaking. Attentional issues, difficulties with organization, as well as behavioral and social concerns are also common.

It is not just academic remediation that these students require for optimal success. Professionals and parents alike recognize that self-esteem building is a crucial component of any program that helps learning disabled kids. These children often doubt their own strengths, do not recognize what makes them special, have made mistakes and experienced failure, been on the receiving end of criticism, criticize themselves, and feel embarrassed. Kids can be taught effective strategies to deal with these situations.

Now, with the help of Charge Up Your Confidence® Tool Kit for Kids, children and teens with learning disabilities can learn the best thinking, behaving, and feeling tools to stay steady and strong. There are twenty powerful strategies in the Tool Kits, one designed for elementary school aged children and the other for teens in high school and middle school. Some of the tools include learning to track positive behaviors instead of negative ones, dealing with imperfection, thinking about moments that made kids feel proud, and emphasizing effort. All kids need confidence skills. It is especially true for students who have to struggle a bit more.

December 7th, 2009

Tool Kits for Kids Responds to Parents, Helpers and Professionals

Tool Kits for Kids LLC, the creator of innovative “emotional first aid kits” for children has expanded the design and content of its Elementary School Edition tool kits to include other helpers. In addition to parents, the Company’s Tool Kits can now be used more easily by other adult family members, as well as professionals.

Tool Kits for Kids products help children deal with the normal challenges of childhood by teaching them essential emotional life tools. These products are the first of their kind to target specific issues such as reducing worry, building confidence and dealing with traumatic events. Each Elementary School Edition tool kit is creatively designed to include twenty powerful step-by-step strategies with colorful illustrations in a child-friendly carrying case. Originally developed for parents of children age 5-11, all of the Company’s Elementary School Editions now include instructions and tips for parents and other helpers. Tool Kits for Kids LLC also produces High School/Middle School Editions for young people ages 11 to 18

December 7th, 2009

Tool Kits for Kids Expands Tool Kits to Help Older Teens

Tool Kits for Kids LLC, the creator of innovative “emotional first aid kits” for children announced today that it has expanded the design and content of its products to include teens through age 18. Previously, Tool Kits for Kids products were available for children ages 5 through 14. Each Tool Kit is creatively designed to include twenty powerful step-by-step strategies, and addresses the unique characteristics of two age groups. Specific editions are now available for both the Elementary and the High School/Middle School age groups.

December 1st, 2009

Tool Kits Exhibited at Key Conferences

Tool Kits for Kids™ presented two successful exhibits this fall, the first at NYASP (New York Association for School Psychologists) in October, and at the National ABCT (Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapy) in November. The Build Up Your Resilience™, Charge Up Your Confidence®, and Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids® were exhibited.

Our Tool Kits were very well-received by the many professional counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and students who visited our lively booth. Most were impressed with how well Cognitive and Behavioral (CBT) strategies were adapted for children in grades K-12, and how well our tools presented on colorful cards can help children and teens improve confidence and self esteem, reduce anxiety and worry, and deal with big problems or traumatic events.

Having seen the colorful Tool Kits for Kids™ sample cards carried by members who had already visited our exhibit, several attendees came by to find out what the “Tool Kits for Kids” cards were about. Our visitors were from all over the US and around the world, and some even suggested that we offer Tool Kits for Kids in languages translated for different counties. Several graduate students inquired about using Tool Kits for Kids products in research projects, and some faculty members stated they would likely incorporate our Tool Kits into the graduate psychology courses they teach. (We believe a few will use Tool Kits for Kids to help with parenting their own children!)

As always, the handful of young people who attended the conference with their parents found their way to our exhibit, and were truly fascinated by the Tool Kits and eye-popping cards. . That’s really what we’re all about.