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November 17th, 2009

Tragedy at Ft. Hood: Secondary Victims Need Resilience Skills

Recent events at Fort Hood are yet another American tragedy. While the pieces are coming together about the gunman, the promising lives of the victims, and the heroism of those who acted quickly, there are secondary victims who should not be ignored.
Secondary victims are those close to the tragedy, but who were not directly injured. These secondary victims are military families who live at the base, many with children and teens, whose lives have been turned upside down.

Unfortunately, military families are no strangers to tragedy and trauma. Many of these parents may be wondering how they can help their children get to sleep at night or to stop having frightening, recurring thoughts.

There is an increasing awareness of the value of acquiring resilience skills to help kids deal with the aftermath of a crisis, like the one at Ft. Hood. Resilience is what’s needed after a crisis, to help kids and parents heal. The newly released Build Up Your Resilienceā„¢ Tool Kit for Kids shows kids, teens, and their parents how to stop fears, deal with difficult emotions, and think in ways that promote hope and healing.