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June 6th, 2010

Rumors: Building Confidence Helps Kids Handle Them

If your child has had a rumor spread about him or her, you know how devastating that can feel. Today, with technology at kids’ fingertips, rumors can spread quickly and get further distorted in nanoseconds. Rumors are often experienced as a blow to children’s self-esteem, even if there is no truth to them whatsoever.

Parents and family can be a big support to children when they are sent into a rumor tailspin. It’s a good idea to help your child under- respond when a rumor takes hold and to remind your child of his or her strengths. Pay attention to your child’s confidence level, which can often dip during this time. Sometimes a rumor can especially sting because the child may wonder if it started as a betrayal from a friend.

The origins of rumors are sometimes hard to trace. What is important is to learn confidence activities and tools to protect kids’ self-esteem from further damage.

Building self-confidence skills can help buffer kids from getting out of control when faced with cruel and embarrassing rumors. The Charge Up your Confidence Tool Kit for Kids helps children in grades K-12 keep confidence steady and strong. The Tool Kit includes activities for children and teens to handle criticism, focus on one’s positive attributes, deal with imperfection and embarrassment, pay attention to one’s own views and opinions, learn from mistakes, and block negative self-defeating thoughts. These important child confidence skills are needed to weather the storm of nasty rumors.