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Earlier this month, The National Parenting Center awarded its highly coveted Seal of Approval...
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National Parenting Publications Awards' judges gave Tool Kits for Kids the 2009 Parenting Resources Silver Honors...
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August 7th, 2013

Fear Checklist For Kids

Does your child have fears and worries? Here’s a handy checklist to find out.

I’m Afraid of ……..
_____ Monsters
_____ The Dark
_____ Kidnapping
_____ Robbers
_____ Aliens
_____ Thunder and Lightning
_____ The Wind
_____ Loud Noises
_____ Leaving My House
_____ Dogs
_____ Cats
_____ Germs
_____ Bugs
_____ Eating
_____ Getting Sick
_____ My Allergies
_____ Choking
_____ Throwing Up
_____ Sleepovers at someone else’s house
_____ Terrorists
_____ Scary Stories and Scary Movies
_____ Watching the News
_____ Getting Into Trouble
_____ Losing Something
_____ Taking a test
_____ Getting Lost
_____ When My Parents Go Out At Night
_____ Going Somewhere I’ve Never Been
_____ Doing Something New for the First Time
_____ Being Afraid
_____ ________________________
If you would like a PDF version of the checklist, click here : Fear Checklist For Kids

July 4th, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Tool Kits for Kids wishes you a happy and safe July 4th holiday!

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June 24th, 2013

What Children and Teens with Social Anxiety Really Need

• I won’t know what to say if I go to the party.
• I don’t know anyone in my class.
• If I start a conversation, kids will make fun of me.
• I don’t play sports. I have nothing to say.
• Other kids don’t know I exist.

Young people who are nervous and uneasy in social situations benefit from learning strategies to make friends, initiate conversations and handle group interactions. But practicing social skills may not be enough.

Recent research has shown that many socially anxious kids actually do possess some social skills. What these youngsters lack is the belief that they actually have the know-how. In other words, the perceptions of their social capabilities are not accurate.

Children and adolescents who view themselves as unsuccessful socially must also acquire confidence skills. They need to accurately recognize their strengths, monitor progress towards interpersonal goals and know how to recover when derailed. Without confidence skills, kids can exaggerate endless social doubts and failures.

All kids benefit from learning to bolster their self-esteem. It makes a significant difference especially for socially anxious ones.

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