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June 26th, 2010

Facing Fears in A Way That’s Fun and Really Works

Summer is here and with all that pressure-free time, it may be surprising that many children’s fears are back in full force. Some children worry about upcoming shots at the pediatrician’s office. Others may be afraid of bees or flying insects at the athletic field. Some kids hate summer storms and get frightened as skies darken. Some youngsters are afraid of the water and constantly protest about swimming lessons. There are kids that dread the family vacation because flying in a plane makes them really uneasy.

Overcoming childhood fears is a part of growing up. Many families want strategies and tools to help children and teens deal with fears quickly and effectively. Just telling your child, You have to face your fears, is not enough. There has to be a sound plan that makes sense to the child and builds lasting skills in an empowering way.

There is such a plan now available that can work and is appealing to children at the same time. The plan is called The Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids. The Tool Kit contains 20 powerful tools and activities for children and teens to fight worry and diminish anxiety in children. It is designed for all kids in grades K-12, not just nervous children and kids, because fear is a common occurrence.

The Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit teaches children skills to immediately stop fear from growing, help children use strong and accurate thoughts, stop constant worry about fears that usually never happen, make powerful rules to control worry, and use mind and body relaxation strategies. All of these anti-anxiety activities can start working right away to prevent kids and teens worry from interfering with summer fun. Now you can tell your child, It’s important to face your fears and we have a plan to help.